Alcohol screening system

ALCOSENTRY alcohol screening system ensures dangerous and sensitive materials are secure. Designed for safety sensitive industries with high volume screening requirements, ALCOSENTRY is fully automated and non-invasive.


 RightSign® Multi Drug Rapid Test Cup

RightSign® Multi Drug Rapid Test Cup is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in urine.
Tests for :
COC – Cocaine
THC – Marijuana
AMP – Amphetamine
OPI – Morphine/Opiate
BZO – Benzodiazepine
MDMA – Methylenedioxymethamphetamine

Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) 

Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) is a metabolite of ethyl alcohol which is formed in the body by glucuronidation following exposure to ethanol, such as by drinking alcoholic beverages. It is used as a biomarker to test for ethanol use and to monitor alcohol abstinence in situations where drinking is prohibited, such as in the military, in professional monitoring programs (health professionals, attorneys, airline pilots in recovery from addictions), in schools, in liver transplant clinics, or in recovering alcoholic patients. ETG can be measured in urine up to approximately 80 hours after ethanol is ingested. ETG is a more accurate indicator of the recent exposure to alcohol than measuring for the presence of ethanol itself. The Ethyl Glucuronide Rapid Test Dipstick (Urine) is a rapid urine screening test that can be performed without the use of an instrument. The test utilizes a monoclonal antibody to selectively detect elevated levels of ethyl glucuronide in human urine. The Ethyl Glucuronide Rapid Test Strip (Urine) yields a positive result when the Ethyl Glucuronide in urine exceeds 1000 ng/mL.


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Alcohol screening system

ALCOSENTRY is manufactured for use in harsh, safety-sensitive environments. Withstanding vibration, dirt, dust and humidity, ALCOSENTRY is ideal for health, mining, construction, and gas and oil industries.

Ease of use

ALCOSENTRY is fast, non‑invasive and fully automated. Simply blow moderately and continuously for 5 seconds, the user-friendly LED display instantly signals a Pass or Fail test result.

Workplace safety

With a large number of industrial fatalities and injuries linked to alcohol consumption, ALCOSENTRY can enhance existing safety-sensitive programs.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
specs Display
LED interface
specs Analysis time
≺ 10 seconds
specs Power supply
PoE, USB and DC
specs Accuracy
±5 @ 50 mg/dL